Owner and founder of Dyme Lyfe, D.J Williams has a charitable side. He hosted his most recent Home Team Closet event at the Salvation Army in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. D.J also brought Lamar Houston of the Chicago Bears, Christian Jones of the Chicago Bears and Jason Hammel of the Chicago Cubs. The Home Team Bin was placed inside the Chicago Cubs locker room for players to donate new and gently used clothing. 

Also donating items to the event were Joakim Noah (Bulls), Adrian Peterson (Bears), Jason Mckie (Bears), Jon Bostic (Patriots), Brian Urlacher (Bears) and Rasheid Davis (Bears). We were able to give over 500 clothing items while also spending time with the young men in a mentorship role. 


Lamar Houston promised some young men game tickets this season if they continue to keep their grades up and have a good attendance record. Vienna Beef was kind enough to donate food for the entire group as well as Power Bar. The Chicago Cubs sent along Cubs hats for everyone along with cases of "Greater Than" sports drink for everyone to enjoy. 

Dyme Lyfe is also a supporter of Home Team Closet and it's lead sponsor. To learn more about the movement please visit WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/HomeTeamCloset.