Celebrity athletes constantly receive gifts of apparel from designers and manufacturers who hope they'll be                      seen wearing it. Williams' mom first conceived of the program as a way to put these items-many which go unworn-to good use. 

Encouraging them to make good life choices, he asks each boy to take a suit or dress item along with some athletic wear, in preparation for future job or college interviews.

During his first event, held in Chicago last autumn, Williams invited Brandon Marshall and Tim Jennings to contribute, too. Between the three of them, they donated 500+ items. 

"Our big vision is to have a bin in every locker room of every pro sport," says Williams. "If we do that, we can help a lot of people."

Williams brought approximately 500 items, including suits, sweaters, shoes, and athletic apparel to Allendale. This included items from his own clothing line, Dyme Lyfe, which encourages a positive outlook and lifestyle. 

Williams not only brought clothing but provided a pizza party for the kids as well. You can be sure it was an experience the kids will always remember.